NBR (Nitrile, Buna-N)

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Nitrile (NBR) Seals & O-Rings are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications partticularly involving oils and aqueous solutions.

Nitrile Buna-N is a co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene.
The acrylonitrile content can be varied between 18% and 50%, the higher the acrylonitrile content, the better the resistance to oil and fuel, however, low temperature flexibility and elasticity will be compromised.

Competitive lead times & pricing from Lanson Polymers allied with our vast experience in the design & supply of critical seals & components into a variety of markets will allow you to specify the optimum solution for your application.
A wide variety of seals and components can be manufactured using NBR Materials:

Lanson Polymers Nitrile (NBR) Compounds

LP-123: 70 Durometer – Temperatures from -25°C up to +100°C – general use compound

LP-130: 60 Durometer – Temperatures from -25°C up to +100°C – BS2751:2001 BA60

LP-129: 50 Durometer – Temperatures from -25°C up to +100°C – BS2751:2001 BA60

The above compounds are only a small sample of our broad range of NBR materials – please contact us to discuss your particular application and we can recommend an optimum solution.

Temperature Range

-25°C to +100°C


A good standard material which can be used across multiple applications. Please call for more information.


  • Good resistance to mineral and hydrocarbon based oil and fuels
  • Good resistance to certain dilute acid and alkali solutions
  • Good mechanical properties