Lanson Polymers DD-1040 is a proprietary blend of PEEK, PTFE, Carbon Fibre and Graphite.

It has excellent tribological properties and chemical resistance and is ideally suited for bearing and sliding applications.

The material is processed into extruded rod or compression moulded billet ready for machining into the final product.

Stock sizes available in Ø’s 25.00mm to 100.00mm in various lengths.

Lanson Polymers is able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of materials.



Temperature Range

Maximum Operating Temperature 250ºC


Material Datasheet

Available on request


Tribological applications for high strength.

Excellent wear resistance, very low coefficient of friction, low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Chemically resistant to aggressive environments



Very high thermal mechanical bearing strength

Excellent low friction and sliding properties even without lubrication

Excellent creep resistance

Excellent radiation resistance

High hardness and rigidity

Good chemical resistance

High maximum use temperature