Wiper Seals

The Wiper Seal is used to eliminate contaminants such as dust dirt & moisture.

A contaminant can cause damage to the hardware such as a reciprocating rod, a cylinder wall, or other critical components.

They tend to be used in conjunction with other seals to create a reliable solution.

Typically used in hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders, this type of seal can be produced in a variety of materials to allow a range of application parameters to be catered for.

If you have a specific application that you would like us to look at then please download & complete our Application Datasheet and send it to us at enquiries@lansonpolymers.com

Features & Benefits

Axial seal forming a tight fit around a rod

Protects system components from contamination & subsequent damage

Various materials can be used suiting the seal to the application


As dynamic seals, typically in reciprocating Hydraulic or pneumatic applications, to prevent ingress of contaminants.