V Stack Seals Chevron Stacks

The V Stack Seal consists of a set of V-shaped components that when used together form a complete sealing assembly.

These seals offer either bi-directional or uni-directional capabilities, creating a reliable seal at either high or low pressures based on the materials & geometry chosen for each component.

This type of seal can combine a variety of elastomeric and thermoplastic material properties to allow a wide range of application parameters to be catered for.

This seal can also be combined with a Spring Energised Lip Seal to form a gas tight stem seal for valves & similar applications.

If you have a specific application that you would like us to look at then please download & complete our Application Datasheet and send it to us at enquiries@lansonpolymers.com

Features & Benefits

High Pressure sealing capabilities

Wide temperature range capabilities

Suitable for dynamic or static applications

Various materials & geometries can be combined suiting the seal to the application


As dynamic or static seals, typically in reciprocating or slow rotary applications, where leakage is not an option.