T-Seals & L-Seals

The ‘T’ seal consists of a T-shaped cross section elastomer combined with two thermoplastic Back-up Rings, designed for bi-directional differential pressure.

The ‘L’ seal consists of an L-shaped cross section elastomer combined with one thermoplastic Back-up Ring, designed for differential pressure from one side.

These seals were originally developed to preserve the advantages of O-rings in dynamic fluid power applications while ending two of their most serious reliability problems:

Extrusion through the gap between static and dynamic surfaces, and instability in their grooves, the latter leading to spiral or twisting failure.

This type of seal eliminates both of these problems while retaining the space-saving attributes of the compact O-ring groove.

Above all, the T-seal & L-Seal meet or exceed the O-ring’s outstanding ability to seal at all pressures and temperatures.

If you have a specific application that you would like us to look at then please download & complete our Application Datasheet and send it to us at enquiries@lansonpolymers.com

Features & Benefits

Designed to retrofit standard o-ring grooves

Square section prevents rolling in the groove, eliminating spiral failure

Reliable low pressure seal

Reliable high pressure seal

Various materials can be combined suiting the seal to the application



As dynamic seals, typically in reciprocating applications, where friction is a concern