Spring Energised Seals

Consisting of a corrosion resistant metal spring energiser inside a polymer jacket, this is a versatile seal suitable for both static & dynamic use.

A Spring Energised Seal is a Uni-Directional pressure seal that can be used in Rod, Piston and Face seal applications. The spring force provides sufficient force for sealing at low pressures, as system pressure increases and acts on the cavity this adds to that spring force to create an even tighter seal.

If you have a specific application that you would like us to look at then please download & complete our Application Datasheet and send it to us at enquiries@lansonpolymers.com

Features & Benefits

Wide temperature and pressure range
from cryogenic up to superheated steam

Low Friction
low torque requirements & power absorption
able to run dry or lubricated

Chemical Compatibility
virtually inert in most environments


Cryogenic Systems
Chemical Mixers
Fluid Dispensing Systems