About Us

With over 35 years experience in high technology sealing systems, elastomeric, thermoplastic, and composite components.
We will work with your design engineers and procurement teams, to ensure you specify products with optimum performance at the most cost effective price.
We are not a catalogue part supplier, more a technical partner, working with you to enhance the performance and reliability of your systems while reducing the overall cost of ownership.
All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials to exacting specifications ensuring long term reliability in the most demanding applications.
We pride ourselves at being SIMPLY BETTER when is comes to technical support, application engineering, supply / logistics and general service levels.
With our in-depth knowledge of products, markets and applications, we will work with you to ensure you specify products that offer real value.
All too often, seals and smaller components are overlooked in the overall scheme of a complex piece of equipment.
Yet the seal can be the weakest link when it comes to performance and reliability.
It is therefore, extremely important to design in a solution taking into account all the operating parameters; pressures, temperatures, fluid media, motion, speeds, surface finish, installation etc.
Working closely with your engineers we may be able to reduce costs in other areas of production or maintenance.
Lanson Polymers Limited
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